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Rhodes Cheese is produced by Al Borouj for food industries, a sister company of  Badawy Group for food industeries, the owner of Al Arousa Tea and Hawaa Pasta trade marks.

For more than 55 years, food industries have been occupying a special place in Badawy Family business, through which they have been recording stages of development and care for achieving the maximum product quality that consumer is looking for.

In order to expand its activities in the food industries, Badawy Family has established Al Borouj for food industries Co. and Rhodes factory where it has paid a great attention to the Cheese manufacturing.

The factory of Rhodes Cheese have been equipped with the latest hi-tech production lines and only uses high quality natural milk just to ensure a high degree of quality Cheese that is able to satisfy the local an international consumer alike.

The factory is committed by the highest safety and health standards of food production starting from the early stages of receiving the Milk shipments till the final stages of cheese packing. 

05 5441 0465 – 05 5441 0425
010 0000 2249 – 010 0000 2259

working hours : 9 am to 4 pm

10th of Ramadan City,
Industrial Zone 6A – Blocks 16/18/20

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